Z To X: Christmas, COVID-19, And The Freedom To Make Choices

Z To X: Christmas, COVID-19, And The Freedom To Make Choices

On this crossover episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, father-daughter duo Sean and Evita Duffy of The Federalist’s “Z to X” podcast outline some of their favorite family holiday traditions and how COVID-19 and government-mandated restrictions affected their time together.

“I think I’m a lot more grateful this year for things that I missed pre-COVID,” Evita said.

“This is the most massive government grab that’s ever happened in my lifetime and probably everybody else who’s listening,” she continued. “What we’ve experienced is crazy and it makes it seem like it’s more about power than it is about anything else.”

Despite government restrictions and hypocritical politicians telling people to stay isolated during the holidays, both Sean and Evita agreed that an individual’s right to choose whether to gather and celebrate is important and necessary.

“We want to keep our families safe,” Sean said. “And with good science with good information will make the right choices.”

“That’s what we do as free people, not needing the government to dictate to us what we can and cannot do,” he added. 

Watch and listen to more of the Duffy’s cross-generational conversations here.

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