Was 2020 The Year Biology Made A Comeback?

Was 2020 The Year Biology Made A Comeback?

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky and Staff Editor Madeline Osburn break down the events, people, and legislation that shaped the cultural momentum to reclaim biological sex as a concept and push back on transgender politics.

“People no longer being fearful of saying what biology says or agreeing with biology,” Osburn noted. 

While fear of censorship or backlash has been a problem for people opposed to speaking the truth about biological sex, Osburn and Jashinksy both noted that many women who are center, center-left, or even radical feminists have more recently taken a public stand for science even with the risk of getting “canceled.”

“A lot of these women, we should say they are not anti-trans,” Osburn said. “They’re not opposed to anyone who wants to change their gender that is above the age of 18.”

“So much of what people like J.K. Rowling are fighting for is really just the free exchange of ideas which should be a very basic, fundamental thing we all agree on in our society,” Jashinsky added. “It is about free speech, yet it also about the issue of the science.” 

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