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Mollie Hemingway: Biden’s Strenuous Defenses Of Son Hunter Inadvertently Make The Case For A Special Counsel

Federalist Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway said Friday that President-elect Joe Biden’s arduous defense of Hunter makes the case for a special counsel.


Federalist Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway said Friday that President-elect Joe Biden’s arduous defenses of his son, Hunter Biden were actually making the case for President Donald Trump to appoint a special counsel before leaving office next month.

“The guidance for when to start a special counsel is when there’s a conflict of interest,” Hemingway explained. “Joe Biden has already said he thinks this is a fraudulent investigation. He says he loves his son and does not believe he is capable of doing anything wrong. There is already enough problem here posed by what Joe Biden has been saying to make it questionable about whether he will allow this Justice Department investigation to continue unabated.”

Hemingway continued, emphasizing the overwhelming trove of evidence released in recent weeks since the New York Post’s laptop exposé in October amounted to a far more credible case to the idea the Biden’s are compromised by China, as a Biden business partner has claimed on record, than there ever was to indict President Donald Trump as a Kremlin agent.

“If you really believe what everybody said during the Russia collusion hoax, there’s no question that there should be a special counsel instigated now,” Hemingway said. “And that doesn’t get into the fact that Joe Biden has said things contrary to the public record about how involved he was in the Biden family business.”

Biden even fat-shamed an Iowa voter during the Democratic primaries when pushed on the issue, making claims contradicted by both a Senate report out in September and the New York Post’s blockbuster reporting in October unearthing new documents exposing Joe Biden’s repeated denials as lies.