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Christopher Kimball Explains How Lockdowns Improved Home Cooking

Christopher Kimball of Milk Street joins host Ben Domenech to discuss cooking at home during a pandemic and how to revive the restaurant industry.


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Christopher Kimball of Milk Street joins Host Ben Domenech to discuss the role of food and cooking at home during a pandemic as well as how to spur on the resurgence of the restaurant industry following months of shutdowns.

“I think people are now more confident home cooking,” Kimball said. “I think people are going to think a little harder about how much money they spend outside the home.”

“I think what’s going to happen is the casual local places that really serve the community, they’re part of your family almost…I think they will come back more so than the five-star restaurants,” Kimball added. 

Kimball also answered some of The Federalist staff and readers’ most pressing questions about how to properly cook pasta, whether to bake potatoes with foil wrapped around them, the best kind of kitchenware including knives, how to feed picky kids, and how to create the greatest Christmas cocktail that you can drink year-round.

“Everyone’s free to create bad recipes, it’s just up to us to figure out which ones are the good ones,” Kimball said.

“You just got to find the people you trust and go with them,” he added.

Learn more about Kimball’s work at Milk Street here.