The Federalist Launches New Podcast: ‘From Z To X’ With Sean And Evita Duffy

The Federalist Launches New Podcast: ‘From Z To X’ With Sean And Evita Duffy

The Federalist launched a new podcast, “From Z to X,” featuring Sean Duffy, former Wisconsin Congressman and The Federalist intern and Sean’s daughter, Evita Duffy. This podcast seeks to give listeners a multi-generational perspective, from GenX to GenZ, on pop culture and politics. 

During his almost nine years in Congress, Rep. Sean Duffy served on the House Financial Services Committee and was the Subcommittee Chairman of Housing and Insurance. 

Sean entered the public eye on the hit reality TV show, MTV’s “The Real World,” in 1998. Shortly thereafter, he was cast in a show spinoff, “Road Rules All Stars,” where he met his wife, Rachel Campos-Duffy, a cast mate on MTV’s “The Real World: San Francisco.” A year and a half later, Rachel and Sean married and moved to Wisconsin where they still live and raise their nine children. 

Evita Duffy is Sean’s oldest daughter, an intern at The Federalist, and a third-year student at the University of Chicago where she studies American History and Creative Writing. With the rise of radical lefist orthodoxy on campus, Evita has come face-to-face with cancel culture. During a university ‘get out and vote’ initiative, she suggested that socialism was more dangerous for America than the coronavirus and received an onslaught of online hate and threats of violence. 

To combat the campus mob’s crusade against intellectual diversity and free speech, Evita and her friends founded the Chicago Thinker, a campus newspaper committed to fact-driven reporting and to publishing thoughtful conservative and libertarian commentary. 

Evita is also the Vice Chairman of UChicago’s YAF chapter and the outreach director of UChicago’s Student’s for Life. 

Both Sean and Evita Duffy are lumberjack sports competitors. Sean Duffy is a three-time World Champion of the 90 and 60 foot speed-climb. Evita Duffy is a second place winner in semi-pro women’s log rolling. She is also the founder of Blue Ox log rolling, a log rolling school in Wausau, WI. Sean Duffy is a former sports commentator for ESPN’s Lumberjack World Championships. 

Sean and Evita hope to give listeners fun and thoughtful takes on the intersection of pop culture and politics and to shed light on the evolution of conservatism from GenX to GenZ. 

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