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‘White Supremacist’ Suspect In Michigan Kidnapping Plot Is Actually A Trump-Hating Anarchist

‘You know Trump is not your friend, dude,’ said kidnapping plot suspect Brandon Caserta. ‘He’s shown over and over and over again that he’s a tyrant.’


A new video of one of the 13 men arrested and charged in an alleged kidnapping plot against Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer shows the suspect is a Trump-hating anarchist despite media claims the plot was hatched by pro-Trump white supremacists.

“You know Trump is not your friend, dude,” said Brandon Caserta, with a large anarchist flag hanging on his wall behind him. “And it amazes me that people actually, like, believe that. When he’s shown over and over and over again that he’s a tyrant. Every single person that works for government is your enemy, dude.”

In another video from Caserta, the anarchist asserted, “[police] are oppressing you for a paycheck.” “If you’re still supporting law enforcement… you are supporting the people who are enforcing slavery on everyone else.”

Documentary producer Robby Starbuck, who discovered Caserta’s videos, blasted the integrity of the corporate media, writing on Twitter: “Why did it take me to pull all these videos to give people access to the truth about the ideology these guys have? It says a lot about the state of journalism that a director/producer had to dig these clips up because we all know we can’t trust mainstream news to do their job.”

The alleged kidnapping scheme aimed at Whitmer included plans to overthrow several state governments that the suspects “believe are violating the US Constitution.”

Immediately corporate media blamed “white supremacists” and President Donald Trump. “If the president read his intel briefings and understood the dogma of white nationalist groups,” wrote Politico’s chief political correspondent Tim Alberta, “he’d realize that language like ‘LIBERATE MICHIGAN!’ is read as tacit permission — if not explicit encouragement — for militias to take action.”

In an interview with NPR, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said multiple white supremacists and anti-government groups in the plot acted “in concert based on a shared extreme ideology.”

Nessel said she believes racist militia groups across the country are taking advantage of COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter unrest. “They’re using it to recruit and to formulate plots,” she stated.

“I think that those protests [of COVID lockdowns] were used actually as recruiting stations to add more members and to find people that were angry with the governor, angry with the government, and frankly, I think encouraged by the words of our president,” Nessel continued.

Whitmer also tied Trump’s rhetoric to the plot, saying on television she “wakes up every day with such hatred in her heart” for Trump.

The governor alleged “the president of the United States stood before the American people and refused to condemn white supremacist and hate groups like these two Michigan militia groups.” That is false. Trump has repeatedly publicly disavowed white supremacy and racism.

Whitmer also said the “president’s words” during the debate were a “rallying cry” and “call to action” for “hate groups.” “When our leaders meet with, encourage, or fraternize with domestic terrorists, they legitimize their actions and they are complicit,” Whitmer said.

Turns out, at least one of the men involved in the thwarted kidnapping plot is not a white supremacist at all, nor was he inspired by Trump.

“Democrats and the media say President @realDonaldTrump inspired these idiots who plotted to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer,” wrote Starbuck on Twitter. “They’re lying. As this key member of the plot makes very clear, he hated Trump too. They’re government and police hating anarchists. Don’t fall for the lies!”

Democrats and the media haven’t only been disingenuous about this story. They have a history of not accurately representing Whitmer or her Michigan constituents. Alberta made another wild claim in an April Politico story. He wrote that in Lansing, “you cannot find anyone, Republican or Democrat, on the record or off, who does not admire the skills of the state’s 49th governor.” “Moreover, just about everyone likes her,” he said. “She is genuine, secure, quick to give a hug or share a dirty joke.”

This storyline is incredibly ridiculous considering a massive effort to recall Whitmer has been underway for months now. Eleven approved recall petitions are currently in circulation. Whitmer was also rebuked by the Michigan Supreme Court for violating the law in her abuse of emergency powers.

President Trump wrote on Twitter Thursday: “Governor Whitmer of Michigan has done a terrible job. She locked down her state for everyone, except her husband’s boating activities. The Federal Government provided tremendous help to the Great People of Michigan.”