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Why It’s Time To Leave Cities Like Washington D.C. For Good

Is tolerating smashed car windows, streets full of urine, and teen gangs is worth it to live in poorly-run cities like Washington D.C. anymore?


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Founder and Executive Director of Power the Future Daniel Turner joins Federalist Senior Editor Christoper Bedford to discuss his recent article on how foolish local leadership and a negligent government forced him out of his urban community. Turner asks if tolerating smashed car windows, streets full of urine, and teen gangs is worth it anymore to live in cities like Washington D.C.

“Nothing in DC is anymore. Not to me, at least,” Turner wrote.

While Turner said he is a city boy with a long family history of living in urban areas, he also said that COVID-19 shutdowns and the racial political agenda pushed by officials such as Mayor Muriel Bowser over the last couple months broke him.

“All these stores are shuttered, all my life is closed down because of coronavirus. There’s not enough money to empty the garbage pails, but Mayor Bowser found money and approved to paint the street and to close down hotels because she believes in the [Black Lives Matter] cause and she’s forcing it on me. She says ‘your silence is violence’… I just don’t want to be part of it,” Turner said.

According to Turner, when local government breaks its promise to him, a citizen who pays into society, by letting riots and violence run rampant, he is justified in leaving.

“If you’re not going to guarantee my safety, which the mayor’s not, she’s made it clear she’s not going to guarantee my safety, at least leave me the hell alone,” Turner said.

Note: This podcast was recorded in mid-August.

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