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Gallup: Public Favorability Towards The U.S. Sports Industry Has Collapsed

New Gallup data out Tuesday shows public devotion to America’s great cultural pastimes has collapsed in the last year.


Gallup data out Tuesday shows public devotion to America’s great cultural pastimes has collapsed in the last year as political turmoil has infected what used to be an escape for millions of Americans.

According to Gallup, the sports industry now boasts a negative image among U.S. adults: 30 percent see the sports industry positively, compared to 40 percent reporting a negative image. This year’s survey illustrates a 30 percent decline from American views on the sports industry a year ago, when the corporate sports enjoyed a net positive 20 percent rating, with 45 percent of Americans reporting a favorable opinion compared to 25 percent who said otherwise.

The data comes at a particularly tumultuous time for the industry facing headwinds on multiple fronts, from rebelling teams and players protesting police use of force on those resisting arrest to schedule irregularities this year as leagues struggle to circumvent challenges presented by the Wuhan coronavirus.

Gallup shows sports favorability among Republicans sinking overwhelmingly in comparison to Democrats, with a 46 percent drop in a positive outlook among Republicans whereas Democrats only saw a 5 percent drop in their favorability towards corporate sports in the last year.

Non-white Americans also dropped their support for the industry more steeply than did white Americans. White Americans now express a net-negative 22 percent sports rating while non-white Americans hold a 16 percent net-positive.

The Gallup data marks the beginning of Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech’s prophetic prediction outlining the consequences of the industry embracing the all-encompassing woke revolution.

The NBA has now compromised any moral standards by exhaustively cozying up to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The Washington Redskins decided to change its name. Coaches and players are now being forced to explain why they stand for the National Anthem rather than take a knee, which once used to be an occasional protest of teammate grandstanding.

“The times of great strife in American history when professional sports brought us together more than it tore us apart were good. But for now, at least, those times are just a memory. We’ll see if they come back,” Domenech wrote.