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Wisconsin Rally-Goers Protest Mask Mandate And Punishing Dissent From Doctors

On Sunday, Wisconsinites protested a new state-wide mask mandate by Gov. Tony Evers at a ‘We Will Not Comply’ freedom rally held in the rural town of Mosinee.


On Sunday, Wisconsinites protested a new state-wide mask mandate by Gov. Tony Evers at a “We Will Not Comply” freedom rally held in the rural town of Mosinee. It was also a protest against the recent Marathon County online reporting tool for violations of the mask mandate.

Marathon County Health representative Judy Burrows said the online complaint form and tracking process will help officials identify businesses or organizations with multiple reports. “Our primary intention is to educate on the need and benefit to wearing a face covering to prevent the spread of COVID,” Burrows said.  

The event was organized by Get Involved Wisconsin, a grassroots organization that was also responsible for an April rally held at the same location to protest Evers’s stay-at-home orders. 

The rally this past weekend drew national speakers such as Dr. Simone Gold and local physicians, including cardiac surgeon Fernando Riveron. Both doctors asserted medical experts are being silenced by corporate media and big tech companies about the true risks of coronavirus and weighing those against other medical concerns.

Gold, a board-certified emergency physician and founder of America’s Frontline Doctors, spoke at a “White Coat Summit” in Washington D.C. last week about the effects of COVID on different age groups, people with varying preexisting conditions, and treatments, including the benefits of Hydroxychloroquine in treating COVID-19 patients. 

A video clip of Gold speaking at the summit’s press conference went viral, garnering more than 15 million views on Facebook alone. It was shared on Twitter by President Trump and Donald Trump Jr. The corporate media viciously attacked Gold and the other doctors who participated in the summit. Gold’s website was shut down. She was also recently fired from two hospitals where she worked in California.

“I’m a populist,” said Gold at the Wisconsin rally. “Information belongs to the people.” Gold encouraged the crowd “to elect people who will be for the people and not for the elite,” adding, “Doctors have been muzzled… If we don’t do something, we’re going to be living in China.” 

Riveron, a Cuban immigrant and a board-certified cardiac surgeon, evoked the famous words of President Roosevelt, stating, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” Echoing Gold, he stated, “Physicians have been muzzled… People will call your lawyer and fire you if you tell the truth about what you think is the analysis of science.”

Riveron referenced a colleague, cardiologist Dr. David Murdock, who was fired from the Aspirus hospital in Wausau, Wisconsin for attending the April rally protesting Evers’s stay-at-home orders. Murdock says he was slandered by colleagues, hospital administration, and local papers for attending the rally and not wearing a mask. In a post addressing his termination, Murdock wrote: 

The loss of millions of jobs caused by the shutdown was hard to comprehend. I felt I needed to observe the economic side on a more personal level in our community. So, I attended the rally… Upon returning home, I learned of some of the comments made on social media about me and the orchestrated slander of my name and reputation. These comments had my wife and family in emotional turmoil and my wife, in particular, in tears numerous times. I was accused of taking action that would cause the death of children. I was accused of showing a total disregard for my patients’ health. These words and accusations do not in any way reflect my 33 years of dedicated service to my patients and my community. I was called a conspirator and an anti-science Trumptser. But most disturbing was the vulgarity involved and a clear sense of an orchestrated political hit job. There were words said using language that I haven’t heard since high school. They vandalized my home by scattering feces on the front steps prompting me to file a police report. They also mocked Christianity. Nobody should have to put up with this evil. No human has the right to inflict this pain on others.

Another speaker at the rally, Yuri Maltsev, an economic historian and a professor of economics at Wisconsin’s Carthage College, joked that ‘the ghost of socialism” is haunting him. He stated it was “ridiculous” how readily people are giving up the “freedom that many people lost their lives and other things for.” 

Maltsev and Riveron’s personal experiences with authoritarian governments reinforced Gold’s message that the government, media, and big tech companies are silencing medical professionals during this pandemic. They say citizens are allowing American leaders to take away freedoms and move the United States closer to socialism.