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Leah Remini Rips Into Top VP Contender Karen Bass Over Praise Of Scientology

After video surfaced of Rep. Karen Bass praising Scientology, actress Leah Remini pressed the potential VP to denounce the organization.


Former Church of Scientology member and now-activist Leah Remini issued a harsh rebuke of Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA) after the congresswoman was discovered to have praised the atheist, alien-loving cult, known for cutting members off from their families and forcing them to undergo abortions.

Her rebuke was prompted by a weak statement from Bass defending her comments, and claiming the church’s action’s hadn’t been “exposed” at the time of her praise in 2010. In fact, the organization’s problems had been well-documented before 2010.

“I found an area of agreement in their beliefs — where all people, of whatever race, color, or creed are created with equal rights, which is what my remarks were about,” she wrote on Twitter, concluding, “My views have not changed.”

Remini responded on Twitter and Instagram on Sunday. “I too supported this criminal cult of Scientology at one time. But most of us believed we had no option to do our research for fear of being punished for looking — just as it is in Scientology today. I was raised in it from childhood. What is the excuse for those never-in who lend their voice to this criminal cult?”

Bass is one of the most influential members of the House, the Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus- and one of Joe Biden’s three “finalists of finalists” for his running mate this November.

Remini criticized Bass for the vague statement, which called Scientology a religion and never condemned the cult or apologized for her praise.

“Are you denouncing Scientology or are you saying you still think this cult deserves your support?” Remini fired. “Great that you attempted to distance yourself from this cult now, but is your current stance on Scientology that it is a religion? Scientology is guilty of breaking up families, abusing its staff & followers, extortion, destroying evidence, infiltrating government agencies, going after its perceived enemies. It is not like any real church.”

Remini proceeded to list some actions of the “religious movement,” including swiping money from adherents under a tax-exempt status, and using this to spend millions “destroying” those who reported the rampant abuse within to authorities.

Bass’ original praise for the billionaire organization was reported by The Daily Caller, who discovered the congresswoman attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new Church of Scientology in LA, during which she gave a speech inaugurating the new center.

“This new Church of Scientology is an exciting moment, because I know your goal and your commitment is truly to make a difference,” Bass said in her speech.

“The Church of Scientology I know has made a difference, because your creed is a universal creed and one that speaks to all people everywhere. The words are exciting of your founder, L. Ron Hubbard, in The Creed of the Church of Scientology: that all people of whatever race, color or creed, are created with equal rights.”

L. Ron Hubbard also is known for interrogating potential “Suppressive Persons” within the cult with questions such as  “have you ever had unkind thoughts about L. Ron Hubbard?, “Have you ever destroyed a culture?,” “Did you come to Earth for evil purposes?” and “Have you ever zapped anyone?”