Jay Inslee Had No Idea Anarchists Had Taken Over His State’s Largest City

Jay Inslee Had No Idea Anarchists Had Taken Over His State’s Largest City

Washington Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee was oblivious to the anarchist insurrection taking over Seattle Wednesday when he was asked about the rogue militia during a coronavirus press briefing.

“Governor, I’d like to ask you about what’s going on in Seattle. There’s this thing called the ‘Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.’ What’s your thought about the fact that the protestors have taken that over and not allowing people to come and go freely?” one reporter asked.

“Well that’s news to me,” Inslee said caught completely blindsided by what was happening in his state’s largest city. “I’ll have to reserve any comment about it. I have not, I have not heard anything about that from any credible source.”

Here’s the link, governor:

The area surrounding city hall, reminiscent of the 2011 Occupy Wall Street protests, was established after Seattle’s Mayor Jenny Durkan announced Monday that police would withdrawal from where those were demonstrating near the East Precinct. The mayor made the decision to “de-escalate” tensions following another night of restless rioting Sunday where police were forced to employ crowd control measures such as pepper spray and tear gas, according to The Stranger.

Barriers constructed by police have been transformed by the occupiers as territory borders while renaming the Seattle Police Department the “Seattle People Department.”

Tuesday night, the army or anarchists raided city hall demanding the progressive mayor’s resignation and calling for the abolition of the community’s police department tasked with protecting nearly 750,000 residents.

On Wednesday, organizers released a cohesive list of their demands to fill the void left in the absence of law enforcement with a socialist utopia lush with free health care, free housing, mandatory re-education programs for those working in education, medicine, and media, and the implementation a new 21st century era segregation.

By Wednesday, the organizers were asking for more food, claiming homeless people had stolen their supplies.

A Reddit page allegedly created by “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” organizers discussed creating chemical weapons and training protestors with firearms how to fight police.

“The governor has been briefed by staff and discussed the issue with Mayor Durkan and her staff as well. The protest appears peaceful and we hope it will reach a peaceful resolution,” an Inslee spokesperson told The Federalist Thursday morning.


Tristan Justice is the western correspondent for The Federalist. Follow him on Twitter at @JusticeTristan or contact him at [email protected]
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