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Celebrities Bail Out Rioters In Virtueless Virtue Signaling

By promising funds to bail out rioters terrorizing cities, celebrities are actively encouraging nationwide destruction in the name of social justice.


Hollywood celebrities love to virtue signal, and even in a world gone mad, Hollywood remains no different.

After engaging in pointless passive progressivism for years featuring corporate wokesters slipping in the occasional lesbian kiss scene here and there to celebrate themselves as champions of cultural acceptance, Hollywood elites are now actively encouraging the destruction of the nation’s burning cities.

Last week, a series of prominent American movie stars declared they would be donating to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, a non-profit organizing cash bail payments for Minneapolis protestors arrested amid the carnage of the restless riots.

The fund has now drawn the support of the Sadfie brothers, a pair of movie critically-acclaimed movie directors whose work includes the production of the Uncut Gems in 2019.

Other Hollywood figures to pledge donations to the fund include Seth Rogan, Steve Carell, and Ben Schwartz among others.

On Saturday, Chrissy Teigen announced she would donate $100,000 to bail out locked up rioters after President Donald Trump said it was “MAGA Night.”

“In celebration of whatever the f*** maga night is, I am committed to donating $100,000 to the bail outs of protestors across the country,” Teigen wrote on Twitter, before following up with another tweet doubling the amount she planned to spend to $200,000.

While these brave Hollywood celebrities might try to justify their donations made to violent protestors as taking a bold stand against racism from the comfort of their multi-million dollar mansions on Twitter, here’s what they are actually encouraging in the name of social justice, including the wide-spread destruction of minority-owned businesses:

But sure, bailing out these protestors so they may continue to throw the nation deeper into peril mid-pandemic is virtuous of the highest degree. Will the same people donating to free protestors to commit more acts of violence then also offer to help pay for repairs at the institutions they helped destroy?