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Rep. Mike Gallagher On The 2020 Election, Nancy Pelosi, And The Packers

Republican Congressman from Wisconsin, Mike Gallagher, joins Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech on this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour.



Rep. Mike Gallagher, R-Wisc., joins host Ben Domenech on this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour to discuss a range of issues including the upcoming 2020 election, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s leadership, and the Green Bay Packers.

The 2020 election, according to Domenech, is President Donald Trump’s to either win or lose based on his response to coronavirus and ability to revitalize the economy. Gallagher points out how the mainstream media are actually helping to keep Trump in the spotlight in the lead up to the elections.

“I do think it’s stunning just how little coverage at all Joe Biden has gotten in the last month and a half, and how everything has been focused on Trump and his response to coronavirus. Now part of that is there are certain aspects of Biden the media does not want to cover right now, but that is stunning,” Gallagher said.

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