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Another Reason To Ditch The World Health Organization Is Its Shocking Sex Propaganda For Kids

World Health Organization sexualizes children

President Trump just defunded the World Health Organization. This is a huge win for the people of the world, especially children.

It is widely agreed that the WHO mishandled the COVID-19 outbreak and displayed behavior that evidenced an intriguing alliance with communist China or, at the very least, a fear of it. What is less well-known is the WHO’s alliance with organizations that promote what they call “sexual rights” for children, which can be better understood as an encouraging sexual behavior and ideas from an extremely young age.

The WHO is a United Nations entity that was launched as one of the original UN organizations in the late 1940s. In the years that followed, the WHO has undertaken initiatives around the world that have undoubtedly served public health. In more recent decades, however, the WHO has become an avid supporter of the push to sexualize children and of Comprehensive Sexuality Education, which exploits children to alter sexual norms.

On the WHO’s official website, International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) is listed as one of the WHO’s major partners. Planned Parenthood is one of the largest world abortion providers. Additionally, the names and logos of top-tier UN agencies, including the WHO, all appear on the front cover of UNESCO’S “International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education” published in January 2018. This document — posted on the WHO website — is laced with references to childhood sexuality, including these statements:

  • “[Young] people want and need sexuality and sexual health information as early and comprehensively as possible.”
  • Children should have “agency in their own sexual practices and relationships.”
  • Comprehensive Sexuality Education can “help children … form respectful and healthy relationships with … sexual partners.”

The 2009 version* of UNESCO’s “International Guidelines on Sexuality Education,” endorsed by the WHO, was intended to guide comprehensive sexuality education programs in schools globally. It included these statements:

Learning Objectives for Level I (ages 5-8):

  • “Girls and boys have private body parts that can feel pleasurable when touched by oneself.”
  • “Touching and rubbing one’s genitals is called masturbation.”
  • “Masturbation is not harmful, but should be done in private.”
  • “All people regardless of their health status, religion, origin, race or sexual status can raise a child and give it the love it deserves.”

Learning Objectives for Level II (ages 9-12):

  • “Relationship between excitement and vaginal lubrication, penile erection and ejaculation.”
  • “Many boys and girls begin to masturbate during puberty.”
  • “Steps for proper use of condoms.”
  • “Definition and function of orgasm.”
  • “Legal abortion performed under sterile conditions by medically trained personnel is safe.”

Learning Objectives for Level III (ages 12-15):

  • “Respect for the different sexual orientations and gender identity.”
  • “Definition, reasons for, and legality of abortion.”
  • “Health risks associated respectively with safe and legal abortion, and with illegal and unsafe abortion.”
  • “Definition and description of the physical changes and stages of male and female human sexual response including orgasm.”
  • “Sexual behaviours include kissing, touching, talking, caressing, oral intercourse and penetration.”

IPPF’s 2011 document, “Exclaim! Young People’s Guide to ‘Sexual Rights: An IPPF declaration’” makes these statements:

  • “Young people are sexual beings. … It is important for all young people around the world to be able to explore, experience and express their sexualities in healthy, positive, pleasurable and safe ways. This can only happen when young people’s sexual rights are guaranteed.”
  • “Sexuality and sexual pleasure are important parts of being human for everyone — no matter what age, no matter if you’re married or not and no matter if you want to have children or not.”
  • “There is a common misconception that young people are not or should not be sexual beings with the exception of certain groups, such as married young people or young people above a certain age. Sexuality is a central aspect of being human during all phases of each person’s life.”

Notice the phrases “no matter what age” and “at all phases of each person’s life,” which appear to make no exception nor distinction for toddlers or babies.

No wonder IPPF is pushing to reduce the age of sexual consent across the world. Interestingly, both IPPF and the WHO are also pushing to legalize prostitution or “sex work.” In fact, at DecriminalizeSex.Work, the WHO is listed as an official supporter of the decriminalization cause. If pursued, these two intersecting efforts — to legalize prostitution and lower the age of sexual consent — could lead to legalized prostitution of children in the name of children’s sexual rights.

A standing ovation might be in order for the Trump administration and any other administration with the political will to socially distance itself from the sexually corrupt United Nations’ World Health Organization.

*After public protest, these guidelines were later somewhat modified, but the original guidelines still remained posted on the UNHRC website as of August 2018.