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Tucker Carlson Guest Dismantles China’s ‘No New Cases’ Wuhan Virus Lies

“The fact that we would know more about the nuclear program in Russia today than we do about the medical situation in Wuhan, is a tragedy,” Smith said.


Marion Smith, the executive director of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, debunked the communist lies coming from China showing an apparent slow-down in the spread of the novel Wuhan coronavirus.

Smith joined Fox News’ Tucker Carlson to discuss asked why China is influencing the World Health Organization (WHO), and the extent to which the Chinese government went to suppress initial warning signs over the Wuhan virus.

“China was fighting the virus, the coronavirus, in Wuhan, in December and suppressed the early responders, [and] the doctors who tried to raise the alarm,” Smith said. “Throughout January they were spreading misinformation and lies about the extent of the virus, denying that there was human to human transmission taking place.”

Smith continued, pointing out that the WHO today is still not adequately monitoring China for progress on the outbreak.

Even now, they [WHO] are not investigating claims inside of China that there are no more new cases in Wuhan when we are hearing a growing body of evidence that there are infected individuals who are being forcibly quarantined in hotels, that they are no longer testing individuals who are reportedly dying of the diseases. They are taking them straight to the incinerators. We are hearing that this is true in the thousands. You have millions of cell phone accounts and landline accounts that have been cancelled in China, especially in Wuhan in the last three months. The fact that we would know more about the nuclear program in Russia today than we do about the medical situation in Wuhan, is a tragedy, and it’s dangerous, and it’s because the WHO is more an interest and voice and advocate for the Chinese communist party than they are for the health of the world.

Federalist Senior Contributor Helen Raleigh also debunked the myth of the Chinese virus slowdown explaining China’s history in dealing with the early outbreak, where the first recorded case of the virus could be traced to November.

In her piece, titled, “Why On Earth Should Anyone Believe Communist China’s Coronavirus Statistics?” Raleigh writes that Beijing often suppresses news that would make the regime look bad, and the Wuhan virus has been no exception, so its no surprise that China is likely manipulating its case numbers. Doctors in China mapped out recommendations for the government to keep the outbreak at bay months ago, but were ignored by the nation’s leaders who wrongly claimed that “the risk of human-to-human transmission is low,” in mid-January.