Marion Smith
Marion Smith

Marion Smith is the executive director of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation in Washington, D.C. and president of the Common Sense Society, an educational foundation active in Europe and the United States.

Timeline Proves WHO Helped China Make COVID-19 Pandemic Worse

The World Health Organization has repeated Beijing’s claims despite contrary evidence, withholding the information the world needed to stop the virus’ rapid spread.

Roger Scruton Is The Patron Saint Of Common Sense

Sir Roger Scruton was a warrior for Western culture. Culture was, for him, everything: ‘a vessel in which intrinsic values are captured and handed on to future generations.’

Western Leaders Amplify China’s Propaganda Push For Karl Marx’s Birthday

Ideas do have consequences, and the ideas of Karl Marx are the deadliest the world has ever known. So why are we celebrating this enabler of mass murder?

Thomas Piketty And The Coming Marxist Moment

We haven’t arrived at the end of history. Marxism is back in vogue because Americans have forgotten just how horrible that history is