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Trump’s Answer When Asked Why He Calls It The Chinese Virus: ‘Because It Comes From China’

“Because it comes from China,” Trump said. “It’s not racist at all… It comes from China. That’s why. It comes from China. I want it to be accurate.”


President Donald Trump was asked once again why he uses the phrase “Chinese virus” to reference the novel Wuhan coronavirus sweeping the globe in a worldwide pandemic.

“Why do you keep calling this the ‘Chinese virus?'” one reporter asked during Wednesday’s White House press briefing going on to argue that it fuels discrimination.

“Because it comes from China,” Trump said. “It’s not racist at all… It comes from China. That’s why. It comes from China. I want it to be accurate.”

Trump also defended using the term during the White House briefing up date on Tuesday.

“China and others have criticized you for using the phrase ‘Chinese Virus.’ How do you feel about that?” Trump was asked.

“China was putting out information, which was false, that our military gave this to them, that was false,” Trump said. “And rather than having an argument, I have to call it where it came from. It did come from China, so I think it’s a very accurate term.”

Woke media elites are concentrating on the president’s terminology after Chinese officials complained about U.S. officials and American media outlets of connecting China with the virus that began in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

“We condemn the despicable practice of U.S. politicians eagerly stigmatizing China and Wuhan by association with the novel [Wuhan] coronavirus, disrespecting science and WHO,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang last week.

Media elites have since stepped up their efforts to deem anyone using the term as racist. Two other reporters on Wednesday asked the president why Trump and his administration continue to connect the coronavirus to China.

“I think they would agree with it 100 percent,” Trump reaffirmed later in the press conference as more woke reporters appeared keen on characterizing the president as racist rather than asking questions about the crisis.

At the early onset of the outbreak however, dozens of media elites accurately connected the virus to China themselves.

Never mind that it’s common practice to name diseases after the places or people related to their first major outbreak, such as German Measles, West Nile Virus, Guinea Worm, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme Disease, Ross River Fever, Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever, Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), Valley Fever, Marburg Virus Disease, Norovirus, Zika Fever, Japanese Encephalitis, Spanish Flu, Lassa Fever, and Legionnaire’s Disease, to a name few.

In the case of the Wuhan virus however, its name has taken on a more significant role as China downplayed its threat, suppressed whistleblowers who raised alarm, and destroyed lab samples and tests.