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Elizabeth Warren Lies To School Choice Advocate About Sending Her Son To Private School

During a conversation with Sarah Carpenter, Elizabeth Warren lied, claiming her children went to public schools when one attended a private school.


2020 Democratic candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., was confronted by a school-choice activist group that takes issue with her plans to eradicate charter schools.

Sarah Carpenter, the leader of the protests from Powerful Parent Network, spoke with Warren at the end of Warren’s rally at Clark-Atlanta University, a historically black college.

During the conversation with Carpenter, Warren lied, claiming that her children went to public schools.

“I read that your children went to private schools,” Carpenter said.

“No, my children went to public schools,” Warren responded.

The New York Post reported Warren sent her son to an expensive private school in Austin, Texas, while Warren was a professor at the University of Texas.

The report shows a student by the name of Alex Warren enrolled at Kirby Hall School, a private school next to UT-Austin. School yearbook pictures matched with real pictures of Warren’s son, along with accurate birth date information were reported as evidence.

The tuition for Kirby Hall School is currently, $18,000 a year. Enrollment at a private school like Kirby Hall would likely only be possible for low-income students through school-choice vouchers–a system Warren wants to void by diverting any private school funding to public schools.

As the conversation with Carpenter continued, Warren made the case against her proposal to eliminate charter schools.

“Well, listen, I understand that, I got an increase in child care development bloc grants, and 85 percent, I told all my folks back in Massachusetts ‘you’re gonna get an 85 percent raise at all of our low child development centers.’ You know how much of a raise they got? Zero,” Warren said.

A new report shows Warren is falling behind Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders in national polls. But, when she campaigns on eliminating charter schools — the greatest equalizer in education for minority students — it’s no wonder she’s falling behind Biden and Sanders. It’s not only her out-of-touch, horrid plans, now, it’s the deceit and lies that are leading to her downfall.