Kyrsten Sinema Refrains From Endorsing A 2020 Democratic Candidate

Kyrsten Sinema Refrains From Endorsing A 2020 Democratic Candidate

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., refuses to comment or endorse any of the current 2020 Democratic hopefuls. The purple state senator said she isn’t missing anything and excluding the Democratic debates from her media diet makes her happy.

“I’m not missing anything. I prefer to be happy,” Sinema told POLITICO during an interview.

Sinema is critical of the large size of the Democratic field and says she won’t start to think about her endorsements until the field shrinks in size.

“Let’s winnow the field below like, 20 or something,” Sinema told POLITICO. “Like, when it’s enough for two basketball teams, it’s too much.”

Sinema has hinted that she is looking for a candidate that shares the values of the majority of Americans. But, Sinema is a wild card and there’s no telling who she’ll throw her support behind.

Sinema has been somewhat of a headache for the Democratic establishment, even problematic for many of her constituents at home. She voted to confirm Trump’s Attorney General nominee William Barr and has yet to make comments on the impeachment inquiry, saying it’s not her place.

She teeters a fine line between supporting Clinton-era Democratic policy and agreeing with GOP ideals. Her colleague, Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., seems to hold similar values as well. Manchin also refuses to endorse a candidate quite yet, but has confirmed he will not put his support behind a radical agenda like Bernie Sanders.

Sinema and Manchin have made themselves key players in not only the upcoming impeachment battle, but their endorsements will set the tone for moderate Democrats across the country.

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