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Elizabeth Warren Wants To Trans Public Schools Harder Than Obama Did


Last week Democrat presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren released an education plan chock-full of the worst ideas under public discussion. She would squash school choice, reinforce unions, make decisions such as school location and hiring based on people’s race, double down on failed programs proven to increase violence and facilitate school shootings, and more.

Among this cornucopia of poison fruit is an acceleration of the spread of LGBT policies within public schools nationwide. In her plan, the erstwhile Democratic frontrunner says she would exceed the legally unauthorized steps President Obama took to force the nation’s public schools to allow boys into girl locker rooms, showers, sports teams, overnight accommodations, and more.

I will press to enact the Safe Schools Improvement Act, which requires school districts to adopt codes of conduct that specifically prohibit bullying and harassment on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. I will also direct the Department of Education to reinstate guidance revoked under Trump about transgender students’ rights under Title IX, and make clear that federal civil rights law prohibits anti-LGBTQ+ rules like discriminatory dress codes, prohibiting students from writing or discussing LGBTQ+ topics in class, or punishing students for bringing same-sex partners to school events.

This amounts to legally requiring public schools to give special privileges to students who identify as LGBT. It would have trickle-down effects such as requiring children to be taught about the unproven and medically disastrous theory of gender identity. We know this because these effects are already spreading within public schools, partly due to Obama’s rules (and partly due to the education profession’s extreme leftism and lack of parent choice).

When these ideas become curriculum it includes books like “Heather Has Two Mommies” and “I Am Jazz” for preschoolers. And no public school has ever successfully undone transgender policies once they’ve been implemented. Because the nation’s education system is now top-down controlled by the U.S. Department of Education, public schools are sitting ducks for wild-eyed ideologues gleeful about all the children captive to their social experiments.

These laws and regulations Warren supports demand that all U.S. public schools treat boys and girls as the sex they say they are rather than the sex they actually are. This has led, in a Georgia school district, to a little girl being sexually assaulted in the school bathroom by a boy the trans policy allowed in, and in states like Connecticut to girls losing their shots at athletic awards due to unbeatable competition from biological males.

Besides all this, it is simply destructive, false, and insane to make laws based on the impossibility of a person becoming a sex other than he or she is. Men are men, women are women, and neither can morph into the other. Period. To pretend otherwise is plain insanity. But in our world plain and open insanity is treated as a legitimate political and social position, and promoted by Democratic presidents and top presidential candidates.

President Obama repeatedly fabricated laws out of his own ideology with zero input from Congress — indeed, that Congress never would have passed. One of these was his Department of Education’s 2015 “Dear Colleague” letter that demanded all public schools that take federal funds androgynize private facilities such as bathrooms and locker rooms or face federal investigations, loss of funds, and more.

Even though the Trump administration has technically withdrawn these rules, their existence has been used to start court cases that continue to lock public schools into these policies. Despite this, state Republican leaders such as those in Texas have pretended otherwise to excuse their repeated refusal to pass laws to protect children and affirm reality.

Obama’s regulation pretended that the word “sex” in federal law includes the concept of “gender identity,” an unknown idea at the time the 1972 law against sex discrimination in education was enacted. It took a law that aimed to create legal preferences for biological females and flipped it to create discrimination against those biological females. It rewrote the law with zero input from the branch of government that is supposed to write laws.

That branch has continued to ignore such massive abuses of its prerogatives to ignore our national entitlement disaster, not pass a proper budget in two decades, ignore the South America and border crisis, and keep appearing on TV to shadowbox at the ostensible other political team. In the meantime, legislators are allowing courts to consistently rule that “sex” means “gender identity” so legislators don’t have to pass LGBT preference laws for them to predominate. This also allows so-called lawmakers to throw up their hands and pretend that making law is beyond the control of the very people who are elected solely to make the law.

Payback may be a cosmic b-tch for the feminists who womanhandled Title IX into existence and now see their handiwork being used to give men more opportunities to harass women, but not all females agree equality means we should get special privileges. Nor do we agree that males who want to pretend they are women should be allowed into our private spaces. It’s in fact an outrageous indignity that we should be asked to endure such a thing. The patriarchy is guffawing in its grave.

Warren wants to go further than the Obama administration did and not only define “sex” to include “gender identity” in victim group preference laws, but add additional preferences for the left’s captive LGBT victim class. Republicans, who still control the majority of legislative and executive branches in this country, can’t pass laws to protect vulnerable women from mentally unwell men in our bathrooms, delivery rooms, and shelters, or minor children from having their breasts and penises cut off, but Democrats have no such difficulty in delivering for their voting blocs, even an extremely small one like LGBT Americans. They deliver even when they don’t have the votes to do so, as Obama and our courts amply demonstrate.

Does anyone really think the next Democrat administration, no matter who helms it, will be any less restrained than Obama was with its use of federal agencies like USDOE? If you do, I’ve got a story to sell you about how men can magically transform into women if they just take the right elixir. If you don’t, what are you doing to make sure it’s impossible for the next Democratic president to do what Warren promises?

So far, the answer from Republicans is: a whole lot of jack nothing.