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Hunter Biden Was Hired To Run Interference For A Corrupt Romanian Tycoon

A Romanian real estate tycoon accused of orchestrating a corrupt land deal hired Hunter Biden to advise him as he aimed to dodge federal prosecution. 


In 2016, Romanian real estate tycoon Gabriel “Puiu” Popoviciu, who was accused of orchestrating a corrupt land deal, hired Hunter Biden to “advise” him as he aimed to dodge federal prosecution. At the same time, Hunter’s father Joe Biden was claiming to be pushing Romania to clean up political corruption.

NBC News reported Hunter Biden may have simply been used as a prop while Popoviciu was evading prosecution. This is the third questionable relationship between a foreign government, the Obama administration, and the former vice president’s son.

First it was Hunter Biden sitting on the board of a Ukrainian oil company, which he was not qualified to sit on, making some $80,000 per month. Meanwhile, Joe Biden claimed to be fighting corruption in Ukraine by firing the prosecutor who was prosecuting the company on whose board Hunter Biden sat.

Hunter Biden’s potentially very lucrative investments in China have also been scrutinized recently. When given the opportunity to vindicate himself during an exclusive ABC interview this month, Hunter Biden vowed to divest himself from his monetary investments in China and claimed he would not serve on the board of any other foreign entity, like he did in Ukraine, because that appears corrupt.

“Well, this is what becomes a distraction. Because I have to sit here and answer these questions. And so that’s why I’ve committed that I won’t serve on any boards or I won’t work directly for any foreign entities when my dad becomes president,” Hunter Biden said.

Now, the younger Biden has been accused of working and profiting in a third country — Romania — where his father was working to end corruption.

While it is likely Joe Biden will call his poor judgement and alleged corruption a hoax created by the Trump administration, his fellow 2020 candidates frontrunners, namely Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, may try to criticize him as they push what they call anti-corruption plans.

After the allegations against the Biden family garnered national attention, Joe Biden’s polling numbers slipped from approximately 37 percent to his current stature at 27.2 percent. Warren is trailing behind Biden by approximately 5 points, coming in at 21.8 percent.