In Post-Debate Special On CNN, Cory Booker Disses Joe Biden

In Post-Debate Special On CNN, Cory Booker Disses Joe Biden

At the conclusion of the third round of Democratic primary debates, presidential candidate Cory Booker told CNN he was concerned with Joe Biden’s ability to carry the Democratic Party to the White House.

“There’s a lot of people concerned about Joe Biden’s ability to carry the ball all the way across the end line without fumbling,” Booker said.

During the debates, Julián Castro called out Biden’s memory. After the fact, Booker categorized Castro’s attack on Biden as a legitimate concern.

Booker continued, saying, “There are moments where you listen to Joe Biden and you just wonder.”

CNN reporter Dana Bash then asked Booker if he saw Biden as too old to be president.

“No, I’m definitely not saying that. Because I have listened to Joe Biden over the years and often felt like there were times when he is going on or meandering in his speech,” Booker said.

Booker then diverted the conversation to address his desire for an energetic Democratic nominee.

“Look, I want someone that can excite and energize and call us to a campaign like we saw back in ’08 and ’12 where we had record turnouts,” Booker said.

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