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I Went To The ‘GOP Is Racist’ Rally In Baltimore, And This Is What I Saw


President Trump addressed House Republicans at the “House Republican Retreat” in Baltimore on Thursday, Sept. 12. The progressives of Baltimore hosted a “GOP is Racist” rally outside the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront hotel, where the retreat was taking place.

Sporting oversized glasses, a slicked back bun and a backpack, I tried to blend in with the progressive crowd to hear what they really thought about Trump. To my luck, the protesters were very keen on telling me about their disdain for the president.

Here’s what I saw:

Warning: some videos contain explicit language  

1. ‘Trump Is The Real Rat’

During a spat with Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., Trump called Baltimore “rodent infested.” Protesters wore rat masks and hats and held signs that said, “Trump is the real rat.”

They also began chanting “Trump is the real rat,” and the chant was led by none other than the leader of “ICE out of Baltimore,” a group that calls for the elimination of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

2. Abolish ICE

An entire protest section was dedicated to calling for the abolishment of ICE. One woman in a CASA shirt said she wants to abolish ICE because this isn’t America’s land.

“For the ones we owe anything are the Native Americans who we stand in their land, not our own,” she said.

3. Protesters Were In Solidarity With Nicolás Maduro

Many of the protesters held signs that called for the United States to stop funding wars in Venezuela, Yemen, Iran, and Palestine.

One woman even wore a shirt that said, “Nicolas… the people support you.” Maduro is a socialist dictator that has economically destroyed the country of Venezuela.

4. The GOP Is Complicit In White Supremacy

I asked one woman standing off to the side of the protests whether she thought this rally was more aimed at Trump or the GOP.

“The GOP in particular, I think is very deliberately on the side of the gentry, the land of gentry, white supremacy, implicitly or explicitly. And they benefit from it whether they are explicit about it or not,” she said.

One man went so far as to say Trump and the GOP are one and the same. “The GOP is now the party of Trump,” he said.

5. Trump Is A Bigot And A Racist, But Abortions Are Great

One woman told me she was at the protest because Trump is a “bigot racist,” who is also “arrogant,” all while she was wearing a shirt that proudly promoted abortion.

Her shirt read, “Don’t like abortion? Prevent pregnancy by f*cking yourself.”

6. Babies In The Womb Are ‘Clumps Of Cells’

One young woman had a very aggressive “conversation” with a Trump supporter, telling him about the immigrants and black people dying in America.

He chimed in that innocent babies are dying, referring, of course, to abortion.

“Oh, innocent babies, I forgot how innocent clumps of cells are,” she responded. Her friends chimed in, saying, “I love those clumps of cells, you ever heard of ’em?”

7. We Have Concentration Camps At Our Southern Border

I saw one young woman with a sign that read “Never Again Means NOW,” with the Star of David inside the “o” in “now.” I asked her what the sign meant.

“As somebody who’s grown up in the United States, we are told constantly about the Nazi regime and the concentration camps that occurred in Germany at the time,” she said. “But when we need to step up for something like this, which we consider the ICE detention centers to be concentration camps, when we’re told to step up for this, there’s silence.”

I then asked her why she thought ICE detention centers at the border are concentration camps.

“We hear multiple accounts of children being mistreated. We hear multiple accounts of people of all ages being deprived of food, water, resources that all humans need,” she said.

Her view seems to be based completely on the rhetoric of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the New York Democrat who claims people are being forced to drink from toilets, when, in fact, the sinks they use for clean drinking water are located above the toilets.

Finally, I asked this woman if we had hit the point yet of being Nazi Germany.

“We have not. But if nobody takes a stand, it will happen,” she said.

8. It Was Proven That Trump Colluded With Russia

After the multiple failed attempts by Democrats to prove that Trump colluded with Russia in the 2016 election, progressives still insist it’s a fact.

“It was proven,” protesters yelled at a Trump supporter.

9. Trump Supporters Are Nazis

Protesters bombarded one man holding a Trump 2020 sign. Another man stopped to explain how being a Trump supporter made him a Nazi.

“You know what they call that in Germany? Historians have a name for people that sided with Hitler, but didn’t like the racism. Do you know what they called them? Nazis,” he said.

10. The Police Are Racist For Blocking The Street Trump Would Drive Down

One woman was very upset by the fact that she couldn’t walk in the middle of the street. The police officers monitoring the protests had blocked off the road Trump’s motorcade would be driving down.

“You guys are racist too,” she yelled at a black police officer.