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Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s Yearbook Page Features Blackface, KKK Photo

In Northam’s medical school yearbook from 1984, he is pictured either wearing blackface or dressed as a Klansman.


Virginia Governor Ralph Northam appears to have posed for a photo depicting blackface, in a yearbook photograph originally obtained by Big League Politics and confirmed by the Virginian-Pilot. It’s difficult to tell whether Northam is the person wearing blackface or the Ku Klux Klan outfit. Either way, it’s a deeply disturbing photo.

The photo is on a page labeled Ralph Shearer Northam, in an Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook. He graduated from the school in 1984. The Federalist independently confirmed that the yearbook photo is authentic:


The yearbook lists Northam’s interests as “pediatrics” and his quote as, “There are more old drunks than old doctors in this world so I think I’ll have another beer.”

Northam’s office has not commented.

Earlier this week, Northam made comments supporting late term abortion and infanticide, in the context of discussing Delegate Kathy Tran’s defeated bill that would have allowed abortions up until the point of delivery.