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13 Great Moments That Made The Golden Globes Slightly More Bearable


Sunday night’s Golden Globe awards featured no mention of President Trump and a moving speech by Carol Burnett while she accepted a lifetime achievement award. That’s not all.

  1. Andy Samberg making the cast of “The Big Bang Theory” uncomfortable with a respectably biting Les Moonves joke

  2. Producers savagely cutting off one of the “Green Book” writers after his colleague ate up all the mic time

  3. The drunken audience briefly, mercifully rendering Samberg and Sandra Oh’s mediocre comedy stylings inaudible by talking over them
  4. Patricia Clarkson thanking her “Sharp Objects” director for “demand[ing] everything of me except sex”

  5. Sandra Oh’s parents

  6. Every beautiful, accented line that came out of Christian Bale’s mouth

  7. Steve Carell’s tribute to Carol Burnett
  8. Carol Burnett losing and then finding Steve Carell after beginning her acceptance speech (which in and of itself was the best moment of the night)
  9. Jeff Bridges proclaiming “We’re alive! We can make a difference! We can turn this ship in the way we wanna go, man!”

  10. Jeff Bridges eagerly “tagging” everyone in the audience
  11. This joke about masturbation
  12. Bill Murray drinking out of a Moet & Chandon chalice on stage

  13. Glenn Close’s face when she beat Lady Gaga