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5 Excerpts From Democrat Stacey Abrams’s Hilarious Romance Novels


This article contains explicit sexual content.

As a romance novelist, Stacey Abrams leaned heavily on the word “plunder.” Her books are filled with bursting, cresting, and arching. There’s a fair amount of savoring. Men’s thighs are described as “muscled” and “corded.” 

That should give you some idea of the Georgia Democrat’s literary style. Abrams moonlit as a novelist for years under the spectacular nom de plume Selena Montgomery, producing eight very steamy books between 2001 and 2009. In the noble pursuit of journalism, I’ve skimmed five of them. It wasn’t easy, but then again, neither are her female protagonists. 

Abrams is fighting what RealClearPolitics currently ranks as a “Toss Up” race against Republican Brian Kemp. Oprah is campaigning for her, as is former President Obama. Strong voter turnout could make Abrams the next governor of Georgia. In that case, you may want to keep your kids away from her books.

“My principles,” Abrams recently explained, “flow through and are evident in everything I write.” For a better taste of those principles, here’s a selection of hilarious excerpts from the storied career of Selena Montgomery. Make what you will of them. This is only what we were able to print. There is much more. 

Sebastian Caine and Dr. Katelyn Lyda, in “Secrets and Lies”

He thrust deep, control broken, shattered. Again and again, deeper and hotter and further than fantasy.

With urgency, she accepted him, fascinated by the power, and for a moment, she wavered, wondering if she was prepared. In the next second, she knew she could never be.

Kat moved beneath him, her body too full to stay motionless. Theirs mouths coupled, imitating the dance that frenzied her limbs, wrapping her into him.

Sebastian flew above her, driven to claim and imprint himself forever. He nuzzled her breast, finding the wild beats, and pressed a kiss just there, sealing his fate.

He stretched her, drained her, completed her.

She surrounded him, took him, filled him.

Dr. Ethan Stuart and Mara Reed, in “Hidden Sins”

Watch me love you, he commanded silently. Know that I will always be a part of you.

By design, he flowed over every inch of gossamer skin in voracious, tender assault.

By turns he stole at her soul, destroying her with a generosity she scarcely understood.

Mara arched into him, unwilling to accept without giving. Understanding, he lay beneath her mouth, willing himself into stillness while she tested his endurance.

When he could take no more, when she tasted of him, he slid inside in a long, endless thrust that shattered them both. Sighs and pleas and moans mingled in enthralled chorus. Before they were ready, too steeped in the passion of tenderness to stop the night, oblivion broke over them, around them, through them. Limbs entwined, hearts beating in wondered unison, Ethan wrapped her to him and, at last, they slept.

Special Agent Caleb Matthews and Fin Borders, in “Deception”

She propped herself up, gave herself the satisfaction of studying him. Such a beautiful man. Lean, muscular, and amazingly agile. Twice more, he’d driven her to madness, pleasured her into a torrent of release. And she’d returned the favor; his fevered groans and inventive suggestions still rang against her overly sensitized flesh. The last one had nearly toppled them off the bed.

Memory brought a naughty giggle to her throat. She held onto the effervescence of sound, to not wake him. But, unable to resist, she lightly stroked away a tiny frown marring his brow.

Sheriff Luke Calder and Kell Jameson, in “Reckless”

‘Love me,’ he demanded, taking her up once more.

Afraid she did, Kell kissed him, a merger that spoke words she wasn’t ready to say aloud.

Arousal, ravenous and craven, bent to a stronger, more fragile need that consumed her. She opened for him, and he plunged inside, dragging her to him.

The rhythm caught them both, drove them to demand then offer. Endlessly, wonderfully, they fell into the greedy darkness and fought to give more than either could have imagined. An explosion, his, hers, theirs, brought twin cries and release.

Dr. Erin Abbott and Gabriel Moss, in “Never Tell”

‘This isn’t right. You don’t know what you want. What you need. I can’t take advantage of that. I won’t—’

She cut off his denial. ‘No, I’ve never been with anyone before. Because I’ve never wanted anyone before.’

‘Which is why this is a mistake. You need time. More time.’ His appeal was desperate. ‘Stay, and I may never let you go.’

‘I’m yours.’ The words were erotic threat, voluptuous promise. Erin watched him with glittering eyes, waiting for his reaction.

Dragging her up, he fused his mouth to hers. Inside, his tongue streaked over and under, drew out ragged moans of pleasure. Their lips mated, parted, sampled. He bound her to him, and he plunged and devoured. Undaunted, she slid her arms around the hardened body and consumed. He tasted and grew impossibly hungry. He feasted and demanded more.