‘The View’ Hosts Write Off Kanye’s Trump Openness As Mental Illness

‘The View’ Hosts Write Off Kanye’s Trump Openness As Mental Illness

There is an endless buzz around Kanye West’s conversion to MAGA hats, free speech, and meetings with President Trump in the White House. Thankfully, the hosts of ABC’s “The View,” who are apparently also practicing psychiatrists, were able to diagnose West’s political interests as a mental illness and “attention grab.”

Their conversation on Tuesday’s show quickly diverted from the topics West intends to discuss with the president (manufacturing, prison reform, gang violence, to name a few) to discussing how West suffers from mental illness, bipolar disorder, and a family who can’t convince him he has a problem.

“If you have a family member that suffers from mental illness… you have to get inside their head, which is an impossible task, and convince them that there is a big enough problem that they need to get help, and they’re not willing to do that,” host Abby Huntsman said. “If you’re Kim Kardashian, you feel for her in this moment.”

Guest host Yvette Nicole Brown acknowledged that she does not know when West has been on or off his medicine, yet proceeded to explain how his meeting with the president is strictly for the attention. “This is not even about the policies at this point. He just wants the attention. It’s an attention-grab at this point and I don’t know who around him — his handlers, his wife — can get to him,” she said.

Watch the full clip here:

This type of discussion is not just denigrating to people who suffer from bipolar disorder and their families, by implying they are incapable of thinking for themselves or floating ideas, but it is also writing off black Republicans or any minorities who dare to think differently, who don’t fit their Hollywood mold, as crazy and “off his meds.”

Kanye has been open about suffering from mental illness and taking medication in the past, but using someone’s mental illness as an explanation for why his political views are different from yours is vile. Furthermore, it’s shameless to insinuate that Kardashian is incapable of caring for her husband’s health, when in reality she simply refusing to be a part of the silencing mob. Kardashian has publicly and repeatedly shown support for her husband’s political thoughts.

Madeline Osburn is managing editor at The Federalist. Follow her on Twitter.
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