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Gropemaster Jimmy Kimmel: Let’s Cut Off Brett Kavanaugh’s ‘Pesky’ Genitals


During his late-night ABC show on Monday, Jimmy Kimmel said Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh should have his ‘pesky’ genitals cut off.


Jimmy Kimmel said Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh should have his “pesky penis” cut off during his late-night ABC show on Monday.

Kimmel joked that in light of the allegations made against Kavanaugh by women who say he either sexually assaulted  or acted inappropriately towards them at drunken parties more than 30 years ago, the federal judge should have his man parts cut off if confirmed to the highest court in the land.

After fleshing out the so far unsubstantiated allegations  against Kavanaugh, Kimmel said: “I think there’s a compromise here; hear me out on this. So, Kavanaugh gets confirmed to the Supreme Court, okay. Well, in return we get to cut that pesky penis of his off in front of everyone.”

It’s kind of amazing to see  Kimmel get all up on his high horse and pretend he’s the moral arbiter of sexuality when he’s gotten women to grope him on camera. No allegations needed, the proof is out there for all to see. That’s decidedly the opposite of the case for Kavanaugh, who still credibly maintains his respectful treatment of women throughout his life.

Here, on the contrary, is Kimmel himself in a not-at-all-rapey clip (grossness warning):

Dear Jimmy Kimmel: You have no moral authority about sexual misbehavior. Go get a sense of shame.