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Breaking News Alert Report: 186 Now-Removed Arizona Voter Roll Names Were Foreign Nationals

Podcast: Political Economics And The New Labor Market

Oren Cass talks economic progress, welfare, and how we can strengthen the labor market on this episode of the Federalist Radio Hour.



Oren Cass, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, joins Ben Domenech on this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour for a discussion on labor, social safety nets, economics, UBI, and the future of work.

“There’s a real problem with the argument that people don’t understand how good things are,” Cass said. “If the economic data are saying that things are wonderful and people in the country are saying things are not, we need to ask what the economic data is missing.”

Oren Cass will soon be publishing a paper with MI that looks at transforming the future of American education and his book The Once and Future Worker is now available for pre-order.

Listen here: