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The Federalist Radio Hour At Aspen Ideas Festival: The Future Of The American Right

Ben Domenech hosted a live taping of Federalist Radio at the Aspen Ideas Festival. They discuss Trumpism and its impact on the future of conservatism.



Ben Domenech hosted a live taping of The Federalist Radio Hour at this year’s Aspen Ideas Festival. Domenech moderated a panel with David Azerrad, Charlie Sykes, and Inez Stepman.

They discuss topics like Trumpism redefining the Republican Party and the conservative movement, the disappearing party of Ronald Reagan, and current trends that will define the American right post-Trump.

“That’s a dangerous idea, from a conservative perspective, that one man in this executive role should have that much power. Is there any possibility that that’s a silver lining for you?” Domenech asks Sykes.

“Uh no. Not remotely,” Sykes said. “I do find it interesting that many of our liberal friends have a new found skepticism of the imperial presidency.”

You can watch the panel here: