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Unemployed To Best Dressed: Meet The Guy Who Created A Luxury Shirt Company

Ben Domenech interviews CEO and founder of a luxury men’s clothing company, about business, design, and how to make a dress shirt.



Paul Trible is the founder, CEO, and shirt designer of Ledbury, a luxury men’s clothier. Ben Domenech interviews the fashion entrepreneur on this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour about how the 2008 Lehman collapse led him to start a shirt company. Trible shares what he’s learned about design, business, and dressing men.

“It’s shirt-making– this has been going on for hundreds of years so we are aware of that,” he said. “But I think at the same time we were comforted by that we weren’t creating like the new solar technology, but that if we created a great product, used great materials, priced it at value…we could create a business that worked.”

Listen to the full interview here: