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Podcast: FDA And Scott Gottlieb On Drug Trials, Nicotine, And Opioids

Reason Reporter Mike Riggs joins Federalist Radio to share the latest news and drug policy we are seeing from the new FDA commissioner.



Mike Riggs, reporter at Reason Magazine, writes on drugs, the FDA, substances, and criminal justice reform. Riggs joins this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the agenda of the new FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb and other changes and concerns coming out of Trump’s Food and Drug Administration.

Riggs explains new legislation on “right to try” drug trials and how the idea of personal freedom, choice, and the right to decide what goes in our bodies is viewed by the government.

“It is definitely the mindset of scientific bureaucrats, that knowing something has harms means that we should not have access to it,” he said.

Listen here: