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Political Reporter Ben Jacobs Talks Roy Moore, WikiLeaks, And Tax Reform

Ben Jacobs, reporter at the Guardian, joins Federalist Radio to discuss last week’s sexual assault allegations against Roy Moore and the GOP’s response.


Ben Jacobs, political reporter at The Guardian, discusses the allegations against Roy Moore, the latest on WikiLeaks, and tax reform, all on this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour.

“The people who really like Roy Moore, really like Roy Moore. The people who don’t, really don’t even within the Republican party. He’s divisive. He’s controversial,” Jacobs said.

What are Julian Assange’s intentions, and has he made an impact on American politics? “It’s been interesting to watch Assange going from this ‘brave truth-teller’ to someone whose support has eroded away into the fringe,” Jacobs said.

Listen to the full interview here: