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William Voegeli On The Rise Of The New Left And Conservatism Under Trump

Claremont Review of Books Senior Editor William Voegeli discusses culture wars, Trump, and compassion in government on Federalist Radio.


William Voegeli is a senior editor of the Claremont Review of Books. Voegeli joins The Federalist Radio Hour to discuss topics such as the rise of the new radical left, the conservative intellectual movement in the age of Trump, and the impact of human emotion on government.

They discuss free speech and how the new antifa left justifies violence. “Both the left and right are non-absolutists about free speech in particular, and inalienable rights in general,” Voegeli said.

“Reducing conservatism to an essence is difficult. We’re now 60 years from the founding of National Review Magazine,” he said. “Even at that time, keeping the strands together was a challenge for Buckley…clearly we are talking about a larger, more complicated structure.”

You can listen to their full conversation here: