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The Federal Reserve, Tax Reform, And The Automation Effect On Jobs

On this episode of FDRLST Radio: John Tamny discusses how the impacts the Fed, Republican tax cuts, and innovation have on the American economy.


John Tamny, editor of RealClearMarkets and a columnist at Forbes, joins the Federalist Radio Hour to argue that whoever is chosen at the next Federal Reserve Chairman will be inconsequential. He also discusses Trump’s plan for tax reform and the future of work.

“The Fed cannot change the access to what we as business people are seeking in the real economy,” Tamny said. “The Fed can’t suddenly declare computers cheap, or office space cheap. So what could the Fed chairman really do?”

Tamny argues that tax reform will not have the impact that Republicans pretend that it will. “The reality is the markets are rallying based on nothing from Washington,” he said. “Markets will not correct, because they never expected anything from [tax cuts] to begin with.”

Listen to the full conversation here: