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Breaking News Alert Dobbs Isn't The End. It's The Beginning Of A Ballot Measure Battle To Save Preborn Lives In Every State

Podcast: Weinstein, Workplace Sexual Assault, And Trump’s Healthcare E.O.

On this episode of the Federalist Radio Hour, Senior Writer Mary Katharine Ham chats with Emily Miller and Chris Jacobs on this week’s big stories.


Mary Katharine Ham discusses the growing number of sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein with Emily Miller. Later in the hour, Ham interviews Federalist Senior Contributor Chris Jacobs about the President’s executive order on health insurance and what this means for insurance at the state levels.

While it’s reported that Weinstein is headed for “sex rehab,” Miller argues that “sex addictions” are not real, but simply created for rich and famous men to save their careers.

“Regular men either lose their jobs, their wives leave them, or they keep doing it… but you don’t get to go to ‘sex rehab.’ That’s ridiculous,” Miller said.

Listen here: