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Podcast: Eli Lake On The Iran Deal, Trump, And Neoconservatives

Bloomberg View columnist Eli Lake talks Trump’s foreign policy ideas and the reactions of neoconservatives on the Federalist Radio Hour.


Eli Lake, columnist at Bloomberg View, joins Federalist Radio to discuss the current statuses of the Iran Deal, Senator Bob Corker, and neoconservatism.

“In some ways the Corker legislation unwittingly gave Trump this way of appearing to reject the [Iran] deal without actually doing it, which is perfect for Trump,” Lake said.

Lake explains the changing definitions of terms like “neoconservatives” and “globalists” and how they influence our foreign policy.

“It’s true that there are these huge institutions that have become less and less accountable to Congress…and when you leak transcripts of monitored communications of an incoming national security advisor, that’s interring in politics in a way that we ought to have a big red line,” he said.

Listen here: