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Radio: The Crazy Details Of The Alleged Corruption Of Senator Bob Menendez

Bre Payton explains the legal and political ramifications of the trial the media won’t talk about. Plus, Sunday night’s Emmys Awards.


Bre Payton, staff writer at The Federalist, is following the ongoing corruption trial of Senator Bob Menendez and his wealthy doctor donor friend. Payton joins this episode of Federalist Radio to discuss how the investigation has uncovered a number of interesting evidence including Medicare fraud, visas for foreign girlfriends, private jets, and trips to Paris.

“Maybe you do favors for your friends, but you don’t do favors for your friends right after they give you hundreds of thousands of dollars for your reelection campaign and you’re intervening in their criminal case,” Payton said.

Later in the hour, Payton discusses Sunday night’s Emmy’s award show and the extreme virtue signaling oozing from the Hollywood elite class.

“Basically every single minute of last night’s show was hitting the President or the current establishment in some way or another,” she said. “Why does every single thing I watch on TV now have to be about the President?”

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