Mary Katharine Ham: Trump’s Poll Numbers Don’t Matter

Mary Katharine Ham: Trump’s Poll Numbers Don’t Matter

Federalist senior writer Mary Katharine Ham explained why Trump’s approval rating doesn’t matter on CNN’s “The Lead” Wednesday afternoon.

Speaking in a panel discussion with JD Vance and Jen Psaki, Ham explained that Trump’s waning popularity in the polls is irrelevant to how his base perceive him.

“The American people duly elected President Trump,” Ham said.

“We had an entire year and a half discussion about whether or not he was fit to be president and the American people decided that he was,” she said. “Hillary Clinton mounted this exact argument that Clapper is saying now and it was ineffective.”

“People didn’t want someone who was level headed,” she said, adding that the loss of faith of institutions spurred many people to vote for Trump.

“Let’s get the bully in there and see what happens,” she said of voters’ motivations to support the President in November.

“You have seen some regret in different sectors,” Ham said. “But you’ve also seen repeated polling saying that he would still beat Hillary Clinton.”

“There is a difference in how he’s perceived here versus how he’s perceived among regular voters in the country,” she said. “that does not mean that his behavior is good.”

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