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Podcast: Social Institutions, Attacks On Religious Freedom, And Modern Love

Bre Payton and Gracy Olmstead discuss recent studies and reactions to various spheres of American culture.


Bre Payton and Gracy Olmstead host today’s Federalist Radio Hour to discuss an array of timely topics like economic mobility and social capital, cases of religious liberty under attack, and the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s death.

Olmstead defines social capital and the unmeasured, non-economic elements that are keys to building healthy communities. “You’ve got this fragmented society at the top, that isn’t always the same at the bottom,” she said. “The stronger those social ties are at the bottom, the more those people are enabled and empower to rise to the top.”

Throughout her novels, Jane Austen crafts lessons and stories of virtue that remain pertinent. “If you think that Jane Austen is just the writer of chick flicks you could not be more wrong,” Olmstead said. “The characters have both sly humor and insight into human nature that I really don’t think people should miss.”

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