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Trans Is Mainstreaming Blood-Drinking And Twerking Second-Graders. Will We Ever Say ‘Enough’?


This week a woman who identifies as a male made headlines for having sex with a man and, gasp, getting pregnant. (Funny how that happens.) Her pregnancy is being praised as the new frontier of civil rights. Progress. Tolerance. Screw what the child actually needs. As long as they’re not hurting anyone, right?

This week I also saw a 25-year-old man express his abject hatred for his human body. His soul, apparently, is that of a Mexican wolf. Sometimes the longing for his “true” body (one with fur, paws, and a tail) leaves him on all fours physically howling at the moon all night. His friend, a similarly aged man, is a self-proclaimed nonbinary neutrois, gyneromantic, asexual demonkin who has a deeply held belief that his soul has long been prowling the earth as a demon. Not my cup of tea, but to each his own. It doesn’t affect or hurt me, so why should I care?

On Wednesday, I clicked into a 4,000-member Adult Baby group to discover grown men posting pictures of themselves wearing disgustingly saturated diapers and soliciting “mommies” to come change them and feed them from a bottle. Other adult men solicited women for sexual relationships wherein the women pretend to be babies the men can care for and control.

These are misunderstood humans, banding together to empathize with their shared experience of isolation; If people could only stop judging and understand that, in the hearts of hearts, they are still little children, despite the physical reality of their mature bodies. But hey, they’re consenting adults. Not hurting anyone, right? C’est la vie.

We Allow Everything In The Name Of Tolerance

Diversity and tolerance are the order of the day. When the PTA President of an east coast elementary school announced that he would be performing the final act in the school’s annual talent show last week, he assured everyone that the theme of his act was the celebration of diversity. Video of his performance went viral, but not for the reasons you might imagine.

In the video, you can watch as he arrives on the stage in full drag, complete with see-through black dress and g-string. The stunned parents watch in horror as he saunters across the stage as though his audience were an 18-plus nightclub instead of a room full of first graders, at one point making a spread eagle pose for the entire crowd to observe. Anyone hurt yet? Or at least cringing?

Yesterday I learned a new word: sanguinarian. It’s as bad as it sounds, as I discovered in the secret vampire group, where 2,000 group members exchange resources for best ways to find willing human donors for their blood consumption and how to keep the habit a secret from their immediate circles who would never understand what it’s like to be an actual vampire. It’s an elevated life form, one that common folk could never understand. But still not hurting anyone…okay, well at least not without their consent. So what’s the problem?

And speaking of injuries, I’ve seen people with such a pervasive sense of disgust and rejection of their own limbs that they have physically tried to freeze them off with dry ice. Many professionals in the psychiatric community are now prescribing medical amputations for these folks. After all, it makes them happy. Never mind that they’ll spend the rest of their lives wheelchair-bound and living off the state since they are now permanently disabled and unable to provide for themselves.

Whether it’s a limb or a sexual organ that dissatisfies makes no difference. If it makes you happy, chop it off. Problem solved. Be your authentic self, even if it means indulging the ultimate self-hatred and rejection, even if it means butchering your perfectly healthy body parts. Your body, your choice.

And tonight I saw a video of an 8 year old little boy (the same age as my little guy) dressed in full drag and being carted around Montreal’s Pride as the crowning glory of the event. Oh Canada. Eight. Years. Old. If you think this is rooted in anything other than pedophilia, I have links for that, too.

Do you know there are entire industries that profit off the creation of prosthetic penises for little girls who believe they are boys? They call these packers. And then there’s underwear for little boys to make it appear through their clothes as though they have female genitalia (any actual girl’s worst nightmare.) Where does it end, folks? Think anyone’s getting hurt yet? I want to gouge out my eyes so I don’t have to see or know this stuff. Does that count?

Embracing And Celebrating Delusion Hurts Everyone

If we succumb to silence in the name of “tolerance” and a hatefully false sense of “love,” then we are partially to blame. Nothing happens in a vacuum. Embracing and even celebrating delusion hurts everyone. Do I hate these people as I’m often accused of doing? Not in the slightest. My heart often breaks for them. I want them to be happy. I want them to be safe. I want them to be blessed and whole. But that’s not an option whilst embracing a lie. And other people are getting hurt in the process. Love can’t allow that to continue.

I think it’s human nature for most of us to want to function as the wound binders. But if Florence Nightingale didn’t have allies on the front lines warring against the offending party, she’d pretty quickly find herself in need of her own medicine. It’s not enough to just heal the wounds. Sometimes we are called to prevent them.

As I once heard my boss say, “Bad ideas create victims, and the truth needs advocates.” We can’t afford to run scared. When the darkness intensifies, light always shines a lot brighter.

I identify as fed up. My pronoun is singular: me. We need more than isolated soldiers. We need an army of people who are ready to shine. There are 8-year-old boys who need our help. If it’s not our job, whose is it?

Correction: The initial version of this article inadvertently included an extra zero in the number of Adult Baby group members.