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15 Over-The-Top Reactions To Trump’s Withdrawal From Paris Climate Deal


Democracy dies in hyperbole.


People are losing their minds over news that President Trump plans to pull the United States from the Paris Climate Treaty.

If left in place, the climate deal would cost American taxpayers billions of dollars in payouts to Third World dictators. It would also drive up the cost of manufacturing, making it harder for U.S. companies to compete with companies in China, which has a much lower burden to bear in the climate agreement.

Climate change alarmists, however, are losing their minds over the unenforceable agreement. Here’s 15 of their most ridiculous reactions.

1. ‘A Traitorous Act of War’

Billionaire and faux environmentalist Tom Steyer said withdrawing would be a “traitorous act of war.”

2. The World Will End

Scientific American implied the world would immediately become a desolate, apocalyptic place.

3. Ice Is Already Melting Because Of Trump

The Washington Post is already blaming Trump for this crack in the ice. Check out this headline: “A huge crack across one of Antarctica’s largest ice shelves is nearing its breaking point.”

What does this news have to do with Trump’s mulling over the terms of the Paris agreement, you ask? Here’s what WaPo has to say:

The prospect of an enormous iceberg afloat in the seas around Antarctica could draw further attention to the threat of climate change at a time when President Trump is considering whether to exit the Paris agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Hoo boy.

4. Future Generations Will Cry

Democrat Jon Ossoff, who is running for Congress, had this over-the-top declaration about the way future generations will remember Trump’s legacy.

5. Science: It Is Hard

Quote fabricator Neil deGrasse Tyson said Trump wasn’t science-y enough to know science things good.

This is the same guy who fabricated quotes in an attempt to make himself seem smarter and has repeatedly botched basic mathematical concepts. Lol. Bro, do you even science?

6. Can We Not?

Actress Patricia Arquette suggested a class-action lawsuit against the president’s decision to stop participating in a voluntary agreement.

Lawz r hard.

7. Vatican Gonna Vatican

One of Pope Francis’s right-hand men said it would be “a slap in the face” to the Vatican if Trump did not continue to punish U.S. manufacturers to appease European elites.

8.You Are Already Dead. And So Are Your Thoughts

This grassroots organizer said Trump’s announcement will prevent everyone from living on planet earth.

You’re not even allowed to think about being alive here anymore.

9. Trump Hates America

President Trump has abandoned us all now, according to the Sierra Club.

Uh, sure….

10.Birth Control, You Guys

The Atlantic’s Annie Lowrey is doing a great job at keeping things in perspective.

11. Fox News Is a Threat to the Planet

The Washington Post‘s Erik Wemple writes: “‘Fox & Friends’ is a planetary threat.” Because the morning show had a conservative guest who spoke critically about climate change, they must be actively trying to destroy the earth.

This was not The Onion. You can read his hyperbolic screed in full here.


The HuffPost crapped a brick and had this headline on their front page in response to the news.

13. Trump Is A Racist, Because Science

Keep it classy, American Civil Liberties Union.

14. We’ve Flunked As A Species

If today were opposite day, we could say that The Wall Street Journal‘s Christopher Mims’s response to the news is very reasonable.

15. Your Children Will Die

Vice News’ editor had this very calm reaction to the news.

Democracy dies in hyperbole.