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Breaking News Alert Republicans Lummis, Collins Double Down After Voting To Advance Reckless Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Yuval Levin Says Conservatives Have Become Detached From Contemporary Problems

Author of “The Fractured Republic” joins Federalist Radio to talk health care, think tanks, and the future of conservatism.


Yuval Levin, author of “The Fractured Republic,” and the Hertog Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center joins this episode of the Federalist Radio Hour. They discuss the extreme amounts of blowback against Trump for the firing of James Comey, how conservatives ought to position themselves in the political landscape, and to think about what conservatism can offer Americans.

Levin addresses health care reform and how the process will differ now that it’s in the Senate’s hands. “These people have all run on repealing Obamacare for the last eight years and now it turns out they want somebody else to do it,” he said. “In the Senate, the margin just isn’t there, and so if something is going to pass essentially every Republican senator is going to have to vote for it.”

Listen here: