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FDRLST Radio On Bill Nye, Pro-Life Democrats, And The Future Of NASCAR

Mary Katharine Ham and Gracy Olmstead break down this week’s news and outrages on the Federalist Radio Hour.


Mary Katharine Ham, senior writer, and Gracy Olmstead, associate managing editor, host the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the tension between the DNC and pro-life democrats, the outrage at Bill Nye, and the retirement of Dale Earnhardt Jr. from NASCAR.

Bernie Sanders and Tom Perez received blowback after endorsing a pro-life candidate for mayor of Omaha. “The ‘Cecile Richards view’ is the view of the Democratic Party and now they are saying ‘you can’t have another [view] in this party,” Ham said. “That’s fairly dangerous to building a coalition that can actually win.”

NASCAR race attendance is down, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. may have been the best face to bring in both the older and younger fans. “It’s a real open question where the sport goes from here. It’s an interesting evolution of a sport that really was this niche southern working class sport,” Ham said.

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