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Podcast: Unpacking ‘Unmasking’, Susan Rice, And Intelligence Reports

Todd Shepherd joins this episode of Federalist Radio to share his understanding of the story unfolding around the intel community and Susan Rice.


Todd Shepherd, investigative reporter at The Washington Examiner, joins the Federalist Radio Hour to untangle this growing story involving Rep. Devin Nunes, National Security Advisor Susan Rice, and the “unmasking” of members of the Trump transition team.

“This was information that did not have anything to do with a particular security concern, or something related to what the NSA is supposed to be about. That it was much more about the various views of people in the incoming administration,” Domenech said. “Why on earth could Susan Rice justify this as something necessary for her to do her job?”

Major newsrooms including CNN have for the most part chosen to write this story off as unimportant or a distraction. “What gives them the cover right now, is still the fact that it still was undisciplined by President Trump to put those tweets out and because they were so patently wrong, at least in the terms of wiretapping,” Shepherd said.

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