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Mary Katharine Ham Talks April Fool’s, Mule Day, And KonMari Method

On this episode of Federalist Radio, Mary Katharine Ham and Emily Miller discuss some of history’s best April Fool’s Day pranks.


On the Federalist Radio Hour, Mary Katharine Ham prepares for this year’s April Fool’s Day with guest Emily Miller, journalist and author. They discuss some of the best pranks of past April Fool’s Days, the traditional Mule Day festival, sad country songs, and give an update on their KonMari method lifestyle.

“It’s amazing to me how many of the famous past April Fool’s Day jokes have been perpetrated by the media,” Ham said. “I wonder if this year because of the ‘fake news’ issue, if no one will indulge in any April Fool’s jokes… because it’s literally fake news.”

Miller explains how the minimalist method of organization created by Marie Kondo has now brought her to throwing away every scrap of paper in her house. “Someone gave me a birthday card the other day and I said, ‘Can I give it back?”

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