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Poll: Most Americans Want Bathroom Access Decided By Biological Sex


A majority of Americans think bathroom access should be granted according to biological sex, according to a new poll by Crux/Marist College.


A majority of Americans think bathroom access should be granted according to biological sex, according to a new poll by Crux/Marist College.

Of the 545 Americans adults surveyed, 56 percent disagree with the assertion that people who are transitioning into the appearance of the opposite sex should be legally allowed to use whichever bathrooms they want. Only 38 percent of respondents think they should be legally allowed to do so.

As for public schools, only 27 percent of respondents think transgender people should be allowed to use whichever bathroom or locker room they prefer, while 66 percent oppose the notion.

An overwhelming majority of Americans (80 percent) think doctors shouldn’t be forced to perform a sex-change operation if it violates their religious beliefs.

In May, then-President Obama threatened to withdraw federal funding from religious hospitals unless they agreed to perform sex-change operations. The Obama administration also sent letters to every school district in the country mandating they open bathrooms, locker rooms, overnight travel, and showers to all students, regardless of biological sex or physical appearance. Last week, the Trump administration withdrew this Title IX regulatory rewrite and let local schools make their own decisions on the matter.