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How Social Media Impacts Our News Consumption, Behavior, And Productivity

The Federalist Radio Hour explores best practices for work productivity and increasing the value of technological tools in our lives.


Cal Newport, author of “Deep Work,” returns to the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss his concept of digital minimalism and the psychology of social media. Evaluating the way we use technological tools can increase productivity and improve systems of work flow.

Social media users are often unaware how their behavior is manipulated and used for gain by those in Silicon Valley. “We have to differentiate between information, the internet and it’s possibilities, and these very specific large conglomerates,” he said. “A lot of the issues we have comes from the behavior of these companies, not necessarily the information itself.”

Newport explains how when it comes to systems of workflow, complexity should not be the enemy. “We have to reject the tyranny of convenience and realize that if we’re willing to put more structure into the work place, think harder about how people should be working and how they can produce the most value…there’s a huge competitive advantage for those who are willing to get out there first,” he said.

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