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Facebook Scrubs Videos Of Comedian Calling For Trump’s Assassination

During his standup routine in Dallas, Texas on Friday, comedian Eddie Griffin encouraged audience members to assassinate President Trump.


Comedian Eddie Griffin encouraged audience members to assassinate President Trump during a standup comedy routine in Dallas, Texas on Friday, but Facebook doesn’t want you to know that.

Ben Ferguson, a radio show host who attended the show at the American Airlines Center, told The Federalist that Griffin made references to late President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, saying: “Ya’ll took out one president, you need to take out another.”

“Ya’ll need to put Trump into a convertible and take him out, or better yet, the driver should take him out,” he continued.

Ferguson streamed portions of the show via Facebook Live, but the social network removed the video containing Griffin’s remarks within 24 hours. When Ferguson attempted to access his Facebook account on his phone the next morning, he had been signed out. When he logged back into his account on his desktop, there was a notice from Facebook that the video violated their community standards.

Ferguson believes Facebook’s decision to remove the video, which had at least 100,000 views, is censorship.

“It’s protecting the Left when they’re doing something extreme,” he said.

He says he’s not the only one whose videos the social network selectively deleted. Others reportedly complained on Twitter that Facebook had purged their videos of Griffin’s disturbing monologue.

Facebook has a history of biased treatment of conservative media and topics that lean towards a conservative view of the world. Last year, a group of employees who managed the social network’s “trending topics” side bar revealed they would routinely suppress conservative news or topics of interest to conservatives. Facebook subsequently eliminated the trending topics team after a storm of criticism following that revelation.

The most frustrating part for Ferguson is that because he recorded the video via Facebook Live, he has no hard copy of Griffin’s rant saved. Two of Ferguson’s other videos of the comedy show remain on his Facebook page.