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Podcast: Salena Zito On 2016 Voters, Blue Dogs, And Political Sports Media

Reporter Salena Zito joins the Federalist Radio Hour to share stories from voters she talked to in Middle America and how Blue Dog Dems are without a voice.


Salena Zito spent the last year and a half driving across the country and interviewing over 4,000 Americans. Zito and Domenech discuss how blue states turned red, how the Democratic party has changed, and how politics has seemed to infest every area of our lives, including our sports.

Zito is a CNN contributor, columnist at the New York Post, and reporter at the Washington Examiner. She said Middle America has a different idea of what they want to aspire to. “People fundamentally want to be part of something bigger than themselves,” she said. “Elites do not understand that because a lot of them don’t believe anything is bigger than themselves.”

As ESPN continues to loose subscribers, their programming continues to increase the amount of political news replacing actual highlights or sports analysis. “Sports have become so politicized that people have just tuned out,” Zito said. “People are oversaturated with politics. Everywhere they go.”

Listen now: